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"Gee, how did you start the flood?" Definition of "potential" in real estate ads - Grim. Real estate is hardly natural, but it shows the same cycles. We already have something that destroys people and leaves buildings intact. I placed ads in the local papers, spray painted a "For Sale" message on a and posted it outside. What are you doing here?" The doctor replied, "Remember that lousy real estate I had in Mississippi? Well, the river overflowed, and here I am with the flood insurance proceeds. A Happy Home is a place where each spouse entertains the possibility that the other may be right though neither believes it." Nature is all about cycles. Just hang in there and keep a smile on your face until things come back your way! . See "Architect's Delight. Things were red hot five years ago and will be red hot again in a few years.

In my haste I had printed - "For Sale by Ower. Until then, you might as well laugh! A doctor met an old lawyer friend and asked him what he was doing there. See "Ready to Rehab," and "Fixer Upper. The market will eventually turn around, but it is going to take some time. The lawyer replied, "Remember that lousy real estate I bought? Well, it caught fire, so here I am with the fire insurance proceeds." There is no longer a need for the neutron bomb. When my husband came home, he told LED Downlight me, laughing, that my sign was the most truthful one he had ever seen.

The homeowner got into his grubbiest clothes on Saturday morning and set about all the chores he'd been putting off for weeks. Steer clear unless you have a lot of money and believe your blind dates really did have nice personalities. Definition of "sophisticated" in real estate ads - Black walls and no windows." The definition of Homesickness - What you feel every month when the mortgage is due. Realtor: first you folks tell me what you can afford, then we'll have a good laugh and go on from there." The lawyer looked puzzled. He was halfway through mowing the lawn when a woman pulled up in the driveway and yelled out her window, "Say, what do you charge for yard work?" He thought for a minute, then answered, "The lady who lives here, lets me sleep with her. When A real-estate agency hadn't sold our house, we decided to do it ourselves." Q: When is a one-story house a two-story house? A: You get one story before you buy and the second story after.Whether you are a homeowner, potential buyer or someone working in the real estate industry, it has been a very rough couple of years. It's called a mortgage.

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