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OttLites groundbreaking technology balances brightness and contrast for ideal luminosity. The ability to see the thread vs.For the best craft light, go with an OttLite! If youre into all sorts you Downlight GU10 MR16 Fixture know what its like to focus on one thing for hours.. Using an OttLite is not only more comfortable on your eyes; its also more comfortable for your space. Read Testimonials About OttLites Best Craft Lights I have a small cramped sewing space in my basement, and thought could the OttLite truly help improve the conditions in my work space? I decided to give it a try. If a lamps light is too bright, it may be great for seeing colors, but can cause a harsh glare. Its the little things that only crafters understand that make OttLite a superior light.... I have no idea how I muddled through before. The heat emitted from the bulb of an OttLite is much less intense than any regular incandescent bulb, so you wont get as hot when working under an OttLite for a prolonged period of time. I move it to the stand when I need to cut, and the light eases eye strain and totally illuminates my surface, making it so much easier to .

With OttLites patented 508 Illumination, you can bring High Definition Natural Lighting into your home and into your craft space.. Thats why you need OttLites craft light bulbs, theyre ideal for your crafting needs. - Marilyn A... Instead of mismatching colors or squinting to see your next stitch, you need perfect illumination like in the lights jewelers, painters, and scrapbookers use.I will get separate lights for each work area.unless it was on purpose.. Another light might give better contrast, but show colors dully.. Who would have thought a light would make so much difference? I am looking forward to getting the craft light for my cross stitch and crochet activities. I bought my 2 in 1 Arial OttLite lamp, and it has transformed my space., Lebanon, PA To know more about OttLites Best Craft lights including craft table lamp, magnifying craft light & lamp just visit ottlite..

When I am sewing, it clamps onto the table my sewing machine is more mismatched threads. OttLites craft lights will allow you work on all the beading, quilting, sewing, writing, and designing that you want.. This even allows me to see subtle differenes in dyelots and weaves that I never noticed before. color of material has improved my sewing immensely.and if I ever move out of the basement.. Turn on an OttLite and starting enjoying your life in HD. For the best lights jewelers, painters, and crafters like yourself could use, you need an OttLite craft light. Recommended by eye care professionals, all of OttLites craft lights, including the craft light bulbs, reduce eyestrain and squinting so that you can enjoy what youre working on for longer.

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